Confessions Reviewer QuinnLearning more about ADD in women 

is a serious undertaking that Ms. Roggli makes downright enjoyable! Her Confessions while self-effacing and humorous are packed with information that offers a deeper understanding of what it’s like to be a woman living with ADD.  While I’m definitely recommending ‘Confessions of an ADDiva’ to all of my ADD sisters, in reality, it’s a must-read book for everyone — men and women alike!

– Patricia O. Quinn, M.D.
Co-founder & Director
The National Center for 
Girls and Women with ADHD  


ADHD in woman reviewer WilliamsEntertaining, thoughtful, frank, insightful 

I put the book in my car thinking I’d read a chapter now and then when I was out for breakfast. Surprise! I couldn’t put it down. It’s a compelling narrative and enjoyable read. The layout and illustrations make it easy to read too, which is the intention of the author, who’s learned a lot about things that either help or hurt those with ADD and those who love or work with them. 

I don’t have ADD but know a number of adults who do; I’m buying them all a copy. This is extremely well-written, full of personal anecdotes that illustrate the points the author is making about living with ADD. She’s frank and open about her own ups and downs through the years. But it’s not just a self-absorbed personal “confession.” She’s put the science into lay terms, making it accessible for all of us. 

Best of all, the book is one of hope and encouragement, celebrating the good things that can come from having ADD, especially if it’s recognized and properly managed. And if I were a physician or therapist, I would be recommending this book to all my patients.

 – Susan Carver Williams


Book on ADHD in woman reviewer WilsonA winner!

I’m not a reader, but this is one I could not put down. This book is a WINNER! Linda’s extraordinary gift of communication through the written word touched the hidden corners of my ADD soul! She verbalized what I could not communicate. 

I needed to know I was not alone in this ADD journey as well as understand it. This book not only exceeded my expectations, but helped me to embrace this ADD soul of mine and use the positives from it in my everyday life. 

If you are ADD, you too will find yourself on many pages of this book. If you’re not, I can’t encourage you enough to read it to better understand those wonderful, spirited ADD people who have enriched your life. 

– Janie Wise Wilson


A must-read 

Confessions of an ADDiva offers much more than a mirror in which to recognize yourself or, if angled slightly, someone you love.  In Confessions, Ms. Roggli invites you to step around the mirror and consider a world where the gifts of your energy, creativity and passion are embraced.  Confessions of an ADDiva is a must-read for anyone who wants to see beyond the challenges of ADHD to the gifts that make the journey in that non-linear world worthwhile.”

-Tracy Ware, MD
Chapel Hill Psychiatric Associates