I left out the boring stuff

I love to read but usually I only get halfway through the book and I get bored. I like to read the anecdotes, the stories about other ADD women. So I decided to write a book with only the interesting stuff. And I’d make the boring stuff a lot less stuffy.

Ta-da! “Confessions of an ADDiva” was born!

It’s ADDiva-friendly

I wrote Confessions in short paragraphs with short chapters and lots of white space, so the pages aren’t too “gray” and intimidating.

I hired a great illustrator (Wendy Sefcik, take a bow!) who captures the whimsical style of the ADDiva Network. So we have lots of wonderful illustrations like this:

Confessions of an ADDiva illustration by Wendy Cefcik

No “tips and tricks”

A lot of ADHD books offer a bunch of tricks to get your ADHD under control. Not this one. I wanted to share the experience of living the ADD life first. The tips and tricks I saved for the free bonus chapter)

It’s about life and midlife

The “midlife” part of the title may scare some people away, but the truth is this story spans the entire life cycle of ADHD. My life cycle. It’s just as apropos for younger women as midlife women. And it’s just fine for men, too (are they ADDivos?).

You can read it in a day or two

Which doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot of good stuff between the front and back covers. It’s not a lightweight book. It’s a lighthearted book. Big difference.

You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll learn.

At least, that was the intention. And from what early readers of the book tell me, that’s exactly what happens.

I want you to resurrect your dreams

So many of us have given up, despairing of ever achieving those beautiful dreams we once held close to our hearts. But you still have time. And you can do it even with your ADD. Maybe especially with your ADD.

You’re not alone any longer

The whole point of “Confessions” was to connect the dots between all of us ADD women who are floating along wondering if we’re the only ones feeling stupid or dumb or clumsy or embarrassed. You’re not.

We need each other. We need encouragement and support and a few “atta girls” thrown in for good measure.

So come on in to the ADDiva Network and enjoy “Confessions of an ADDiva – midlife in the non-linear lane.”